Tommy Bolin solo

  • I have to add support & clarification to the comments on LCIJ & 'This Time Around' the fairly recent 2 CD Purple Records one.

    The difference isn't just in sound quality, but it doesn't even sound like the same performance as LCIJ!!!

    You can hear what Tommy plays for a start, & although perhaps not a PARTICULARLY good performance from Tommy, it's SO much better than LCIJ made it sound that it's ridiculous!!!

    Try to get a listen to it James - even if it doesn't wipe you out I think you'll find it surprisingly listenable in the light of LCIJ!



  • Tommy was willing to try playing in ANY genre;you couldn't pigeonhole him into any one particular style. He had little formal training on the guitar but that never hindered him as a player. He was totally inspired and was able to assimilate and channel his influences and mold them into his own voice.

    And while Ritchie Blackmore never felt comfortable in the recording studio,Tommy had the ability to feel at ease and cut loose. His classic work on Billy Cobham's Spectrum LP and Alphonse Mouzon's Mind Transplant LP show him at the height of his improvisational powers and Come Taste The Band hed out much hope for the future of Deep Purple....yet we know how that story ended.

    In the booklet notes of This Time Around it is noted that Tommy's guitar amps may have not been functioning at their best which may account for his somewhat subdued sound and placement in the mix on the original Last Concert In Japan LP. On the Foxbat CD,Tommy's guitar tone is white hot and way out front!

    I remember buying the now deleted Ultimate Tommy box set in 1989,when none of his official recordings were available on CD. Since then,everything he played on is now available and the archival recordings from the Tommy Bolin Archives are a great education for all you guitar players out there!

    He may have left us way too soon..but he left a mighty legacy behind for us to enjoy!

    Yours In The Funk

    Bill Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I was only able to find "The Ultimate" on two cassette tapes. (I wonder why the CD box version was "deleted?") The tapes have a little from here, a little from's hard to believe that it's the same guitar evolving over such a few short number of years.

    An unbelievable talent.

    PS to JG: I guess this makes number 20 on my Tommy Bolin list.

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