Jeff Kollman w/Lao Tizer Band Cleveland gig review

  • Got to the Fat Fish Blue friday in Cleveland between the two dinner set performances of the Lao Tizer Band and spoke briefly with Jeff Kollman before ordering dinner for the wife and I. Next thing Jeff is strapping on his les paul and running through the opening notes of Burn!, Lao looks over to Jeff with a grin and away they go playing the coolest contemporary/jazz/fusion grooves I have heard in a long while. Sitting five feet from the stage having dinner and listening to these great musicians ripping away, was truly awesome! They wanted to turn it up a bit but were unable due to the room acoustics. Jeff spoke with us in length after the show and told us that Glenn will be doing the DVD in august with both himself and JJ Marsh on guitars.
    I'm sending a few pics to David and Shirean, and hopefully they can attatch them to this thread. Make sure to see these talented guys play if you get the chance. And David, thanks for posting this show on the site,the wife and I would have missed a great show.
    Ken in Ohio

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

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