Jeff Kollman gigs

  • Jeff Kollman is going to be playing somes dates with THE LAO TIZER BAND in the Mid-West of the USA over the next few days.

    EASTON TOWN CENTER and 'SMOOTH JAZZ' 103.5/104.3 WJZA/WJZK present;
    THE LAO TIZER BAND @ 'Smooth Night on the Town'


    Wednesday, June 18th 6-9 p.m.

    Easton Town Center
    160 Easton Town Center
    Columbus, Ohio 43219

    RUSTYS JAZZ CAFE' presents;

    Thursday, June 19th
    Appearing for two sets @ 8 and 10 p.m.

    Rustys Jazz Cafe'
    2202 Tedrow/Jazz Avenue
    Toledo, Ohio 43614
    (419) 381-9194
    Advance tickets are $12
    Tickets at the door are $14

    FAT FISH BLUE presents;

    Special FREE Concert

    Friday, June 20th

    Appearing for two sets @ 5 p.m.

    Fat Fish Blue
    21 Prospect Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44115
    (216) 875-6000

    FIFTH AVENUE presents;

    Saturday, June 21st, 10 p.m.

    Fifth Avenue
    215 West Fifth Street
    Royal Oak, Michigan 48067
    (248) 542-9922
    Admission: $5
    Ladies FREE

    HARBOR FEST presents;

    Sunday, June 22nd 2:30 p.m.

    Flagship Stage (Main Stage)
    Racine Festival Grounds
    Racine, Wisconsin

    If you any of you manage to attend any of these, do post back here...would like to hear all about them.

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    Originally posted by David:
    Jeff Kollman is going to be playing somes dates with THE LAO TIZER BAND in the Mid-West of the USA over the next few days.

    Talking of Jeff and Lao Tizer, there is an interview with their bassplayer Christopher Maloney at
    Chris talks about working with Lao Tizer, and with UFO's Phil Mogg on the $ign of 4 tour, and about loads of other stuff. Lovely fella - typical bassplayer!

  • Thanks for the news! I will be at the Cleveland gig friday and hope to get to talk with Jeff

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Not gigs, but clinics... Jeff has just announced a slew of Spring dates Stateside as part of the 2010 Fender Clinic tour...

    April 7 - Spotlight Music - Ft. Collins, Colorado
    April 8 - Robb's Boulder Music - Boulder, Colorado
    April 13 - Guitar Showcase - San Jose, California
    April 14 - Herreid Music - Chico, California
    April 15 - Nicholson Music - Folsom, California
    April 20 - Guitar Trader - San Diego, California
    April 21 - Instrumental Music - Ventura, California
    April 22 - West L.A. Music - Los Angeles, California
    April 27 - Ted Brown Music - Tacoma, Washington
    April 28 - Ted Brown Music - Silverdale, Washington
    April 29 - American Music - Bellevue, Washington
    April 30 - Ted Brown Music - Yakima, Washington

    May 4 - New Braunfels Music - New Braunfels, Texas
    May 5 - Texas Music Emporium - Houston, Texas
    May 6 - The Music Store - Tulsa, Oklahoma

    More at :cool:

  • And another bombastic date at the Potato March 24. I heard Aronoff is on that one too, because Chad is gearing up with the Peppers. Kenny is a favorite drummer and I've never met him so I gotta check that gig out. Recently found out Ed Roth was rehearsing across the street from me here in the home of Julio Figueroa, who is a well known touring and studio drummer ace.


  • neighbor is superstar drummer Julio Figueroa and he ran into Kenny this week in the studio...and informed me of that. Thanks! Julio joins my cover band next week for three gigs.

  • Finally made it tonight to see Jeff and Aronoff. Wow!!! This was totally frickin awesome!!! Ed Roth was brilliant and he's super cool too, talked to him after the show. He was recording across the street from me recently with my neighbor Julio, and I've been playing in some of the same cover bands as him. Feel like I finally got to see him shine...and saw the real Ed last :bow: Jeff was also awesome, with his soulful playing, sweeping arpeggios, effects and energy. The volume: thankfully I have molded earplugs....this was the loudest club show I've ever been to I think. LOUD!!!

    Chad showed up and they did the slow groove off Billy Cobham's Spectrum...the one that goes dah dah dah dah dah dah .... dah dah dah dah. Slammin! This band cooks! Kenny was a super nice guy I have never met him before...He signed my DrumHead magazine with him on the cover and I talked to him briefly about his work with Fogerty and my favorite Fused song.. Go Insane. Got a pic with him...will post later. This show and Kenny himself exceeded my expectations...Drum heaven! We just needed Glenn and the house would have really exploded. This was about a 50 buck night for me...but I would have paid 500 for this.

  • i wish i could have seen that -jeff kollman is great -check out the cosmosquad dvd -you wont be disapointed

  • Here's a couple of pics from the night. For some reason they were discouraging picture taking during the show. This is wierd for the Potato, which has always been so mellow. The song that Chad came up for from Spectrum is called Stratus. Jeff Beck often plays it as well. The full power of Kenny's drumming was on display that night. Just feet away from our tables! They did a great version of Who Are You as well, with Kenny masterfully pulling off the Moon parts. I just love it when Chad plays too, that maniacal crazy look he gets. Two of the best and my favorites!

  • Sounds like a great time John
    I love JK's playing and wish he was doing some gigs here in Florida. He is a brilliant guitarist, and anytime Ed Roth is around the show is even better !!
    Would have liked hearing Chad doing the Cobham groove...

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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