Stevie Salas & TM Stevens London Show

  • As a few people seemed interested when I mentioned this tour was happening, I thought I'd do a sort of review. Pardon the drool....

    THEY WERE SUPERB!!! Despite the fact that the club's power supply to Stevie's guitar kept cutting out. It didn't matter a jot to me & the other funkmeisters though, coz TM just took over on 'lead' bass until Stevie was back. (FUNKY just ain't the half of it!)

    Power restored, Stevie'd yell something like '2nd verse' or whatever and without missing a nano-beat we'd be off again. I kind of expected Stevie to get moody about it, but he didn't - he was just chillin'.

    The set in London was slightly shortened because of a late start - the technical problems probably, but included most of the classics played on the rest of the tour - 'Blind', 'Stand Up', 'Break it Out', 'Body Slam', 'Too Many Mountains', 'Born to Mack', an incredibly groovy take on Prince's 'Sexy MF' etc - PLUS some bonuses.

    The first bonus was half of a track (!) from Stevie's last album that they rehearsed before the tour but hadn't played yet. (Stevie forgot the words half way & it fell apart with much laughter!)

    So intead he went off on an impassioned diatribe (based on an improvisation on the 'F' word but somehow still very eloquent) about the events that made him write the song - an upsetting and serious gutter smear on Stevie by a so-called 'journalist' guy - the 'Punkass Bitch' of the song title.

    And the second bonus was the cream of the crop - Sly Stone's 'I Wanna Take You Higher' - it could only have been improved if Glenn had been on vox as on Jeff SS's album!!!

    No TM trax unfortunately, but what the hell - he's rumoured to be back in the Europe in the Autumn. I only hope he makes it to the UK! Do NOT miss it if you have the TINIEST bit of the funk!!!!!

    And if you missed the Stevie gig, give yourself a hard time - it might be another 5 years!!!!


    PS last date of the Euro tour I believe, by the way....

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