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  • Just saw this on Brian Tichy was Glenn's drummer on his 2001 East Coast tour.


    Former OZZY OSBOURNE Drummer To Launch New Project - June 6, 2003

    Former OZZY OSBOURNE/PRIDE AND GLORY and current BILLY IDOL drummer Brian Tichy has posted the following message to his official web site:

    "Howdy. I am currently working on a new original band. We will give more details soon. No drastic changes. It is still mainly heavy, guitar driven shit with a bit of melody here and there, but we want it to be a fresh start without any preconceived opinions. We are just about to get the music out and shopped and see if anyone in interested. If so, then we will worry about playing out and/or doing showcases. It was fun to record and play live with BALL, but after hearing every excuse in the book and being around for a few years, it was time to try and start something new without it being tied into me being a drummer, confusion as to what happened with our record never coming out and all other stuff that clouds people's reaction to us. Maybe the truth is that we ain't that great, but I love playing guitar and writing music so until I don't care about it, I'll keep doing it. It also doesn't hurt that we put out a CD in Japan and got signed the same year to a U.S. deal. The new shit isn't that much different and we're not coming out in space-age Elvis, Vegas-era suits or anything like that. We just want to be listened to as a new band. We will give more detail when it seems worth it to... As far as the BILLY IDOL stuff goes, we are doing a U.S. tour at the end of Aug. for a couple months. There may be some more dates in Nov. and Dec. as well. The new record hasn't been started yet. Billy and Steve are writing new stuff and feel like it should wait for a bit... Once again and as always, thanks for all interest and support."

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