Whitesnake Kelseyville DVD

  • Morjens!
    I know this is a bit off topic, but since people have been praising David's voice....I have to say according this Kelseyville, CA, USA 5.4.2003 (last show of the US tour) show, that he is off key quite often....his lower register is even worse than his higher.(sad)
    Musicians - no I'm not going to say band 'cos these guys are all hired players- he has with him play and sing very well....this line up is almost as good as Powell-Murray-Sykes version of Whitesnake.
    I'll write my review of David Coverdale's concert in sweden next week....now I'll listen SITKOR one more time today....


    aijoo. at the moment i can't make copies of this DVD - but as soon as I can I'll let you know....if someone wants audio cd-r - i can do that....this show is a bit longer than other shows from that tour, it has Guilty of Love,Fool for your loving and short guitar solo + drum solo......

  • Keep in mind it was totally freezing f***ing cold at that gig....and that is very bad for vocals. When I saw Coverdale in Bakersfield he motioned to Security to turn off the fan that was blowing on him. Also it was the end of the tour. The only time I've seen Ian Astbury's voice crack through many rehearsals and three Doors and one Cult gig in Sept and October, was when the Doors 21'st Century played in Barrie Ontario outdoors in late September, because it was freezing cold. What was amazing though was he was able to recover when this happened on the second tune.


  • Hi,
    I've just come back home from the Whitesnake Vienna gig, and I honestly have to say that the show was very good. I didn't expect too much, so I was really surprised that DC's voice made it through the whole show. He had a great evening in the low registers, yet most of the chorus vocals were doubled by the other players (except for Tommy Aldridge, of course), probably to give DC some time to rest. It seemed that with the high bits (and there were lots of them) he was constantly checking how far he could go.
    I also liked the musicians very much, especially Marco Mendoza on bass - that guy's a real posing showman. And I'm a happy boy, because I caught one of Reb Beach's guitar picks, although I was standing almost 20 meters away from the stage...
    Again, I really enjoyed myself tonight, I'm happy that my mate and fellow guitar player Robert convinced me to go to the show tonight, I probably wouldn't have gone otherwise - just something I wanted to share...

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