Whitesnake (M.O.R.) tickets not selling?

  • Last week i received an email from Clear Channel Entertainments which gives me a "special offer" to buy 2 tickets for the price of one for the Monsters of Rock tour about to start here in the U.K. It links through to Ticketmaster's web site giving a discount price.

    Is Coverdale having trouble selling tickets or are they just flogging bad seats at the back cheaply ?

  • I got one of those 'evouchers' too.

    Last night my mate Alun phoned me from Brighton to say he'd seen them & they'd been great (and he's a hard man to impress). He also said it was pretty full.

    He did own up to slight reservations as to whether it was quite the special EVENT proper old 'Snake gigs were, but only when prompted.

    Trying to resist the temptation to find out for myself now.

    Naaah, I'd only get crap tickets for one of the 'Arena' gigs now wouldn't I? And I'd only be disappointed, wouldn't I?

    Say 'yes' someone....

    Yours resistingly


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