New John Sloman solo album

  • Majestic Rock are responsible for the release of a new John Sloman solo album. It's available later this month.
    The press release accompanying the CD reads like this:
    Arriving on the scene as the youthful and exciting frontman for legendary Welsh rockers Lone Star - the Firing On All Six album remains a solid gold classic! - and on through stints as vocalist with Uriah Heep and Gary Moore, John's rock credentials are intact. Add to this hitherto unheralded keyboard work such as on the UFO album The Wild The Willing And The Innocent featuring the hit single Lonely Heart, and solo recordings with maverick genius Todd Rundgren producing, and the story takes on potentially epic proportions.
    This album is the latest and possibly most important chapter in that story so far...
    Dark Matter is a very personal statement that takes in all of the above - opening salvo Humankind (What's On Your Mind) and New Day rock like f**k! - but intriguingly throws much more into the melting pot. Joe Public is the story of everyman and the strings that pull his life in different directions and I Really Don't Want To Know will touch anybody who has had direct experience of domestic violence.
    At times, Dark Matter isn't easy listening…but it isn't meant to be. Give it some time, and it will pay you back handsomely.
    Track listing: Humankind (What's On Your Mind) . New Day . Joe Public . Room At The End Of The Hallway . Rage Of The New Age . Weatherman . Rose Without A Thorn . Really Don't Want To Know . Jammin' With Jesus . Dream A Dream

  • And this is what Buccaneer Records write:

    Brand new studio album from one of the most mysterious vocalist in classic rock. He first appeared on the scene with Paul Chapman's band Lonestar replacing the original vocalist and sang on their 1977 second album "Firing on all Six". Next came Uriah Heep, looking for a replacement for John Lawton, Heep chose John Sloman over Pete Goalby and John recorded the 1980 album "Conquest". It was one of Uriah Heep's most unusual albums and Sloman's hair and appearance at the time was similiar to Robert Plant, an image that Ken Hensley was not in favor of for a Heep frontman, John soon left Heep after Conquest. Next came John Sloman's Bandlands with guitarist John Sykes and bassist Neil Murray, they recorded a 5 song demo but couldn't secure a record deal. John hooked up next with Gary Moore and sang on 1982's "Rockin' every Night" live album. For the next 20 years John only appears briefly as a background vocalist or in production work until now, he is sharing the lead vocal duties on the new Praying Mantis plus this new solo album in which John also plays most of the instruments, recorded at Asia's sound studios. Early reviews say it has elements of Led Zeppelin.

    here's the link:

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"

  • Sounds good (with slight reservations about the Zeppelin reference)!

    Think I'll try to get that one. I've always liked Sloman, with the possible exception of his solo album - too 'easy-listening'.

    (Ironic considering the 'not always easy listening' comment about the new album in the press release.)

    Thanks for posting guys!


  • Firing On ALl Six is one of my top 10 albums of all time - great singing, great songs and some damn funky bass lines. This is probably Sloman's best work. Saw him with Uriah Heep and his voice did nt really suit there style, although he was good with Gary Moore.

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