Stevie Salas (& TM Stevens) tour

  • Sorry for the lengthy post but these are 2 artists that like Glenn are criminally overlooked.

    As most of you will know Stevie had Glenn guest on a track on one of his albums and co-wrote and played on a couple of trax on 'The Way it is'.

    I must admit that the trax on 'The Way it is' aren't necessarily my favourite stuff by either artist, but hey, by most artist's standards they're great!!!!!!

    It's not often he tours, especially in Europe - I'd urge anyone who likes serious hard-edged funky rock to check it out. His guitar playing really is superb.

    The dates are here:

    Also check out the rest of the site (TM Stevens has to be one of the coolest guys around....)

    Until I saw Stevie Salas live I'd never been quite sure - but he converted me!

    His last few albums - 'Viva La Noise', 'The Sometimes Almost Never Was' and 'Shapeshifter' are (in my opinion) excellent - MILES better than his first couple of albums.

    BUT TM Stevens is the real icing on the cake - virtuoso bass player - king of the thumb & session man supreme!!!

    Not yet clear whether he'll just be playing in Stevie's band or whether he & Stevie will mix up the set between them, but whichever way it goes it's one to see if you can!!!

    About the best recommendation I can give for TM is that he calls his music HMF. Heavy Metal Funk: 'Some of the songs...lean a bit more on the melodic, funky side and others are angry and heavier sounding. The important is that all of the songs came from my heart, guts and roots.'

    I seriously hope they do some of his stuff - it's great!!!!!

    As a bass player though, TM's played with James Brown, Vai (on Sex & Religion), Vernon Reid, Little Steven (at the same time as Pat Thrall!), Tina Turner and Joe Cocker amongst numerous others. I'm led to believe that he even did some live work with Hughes/Thrall?

    He also happens to be the guy behind the Deep Purple 'according to New York' tribute album - which if you haven't heard it includes some admittedly 'love-it-or-hate-it' versions of Purple classics: 'Fireball' with verses that sound like James Brown (Corey Glover on vox), a slowed down but grooved up version of 'Black Night' and even a version of 'Child in Time' that strongly features reggae!!!!

    Bit of a bummer they're only playing London in the UK, but that's par for the course I guess. I'm going to bust my ass to be there.

    OK, I'll wipe the drool from my chin & then I think I'd better have a lie down...



  • I agree TC Salas is a great funk guitarist and as for TM - I saw him with Little Steven n Pat Thrall in Lodion way back. He also played with Hughes Thrall at the early NAMM Reunion !!

  • Stevie's contributions to "The Way It Is" were, in my opinion, excellent, just like the album. I think "TWII" stands up there with the best Glenn solo albums, just under "Feel" and "Addiction". I will probably check some of his stuff out in the near future, but I've been buying CD's like crazy lately and I haven't got the time to listen to them all properly!

    As for TM Stevens, the only thing I've heard is the "According To New York" tribute you mentioned Top Cat. I have to say, I land in the "hate it" section. When I saw some of the people on there I took it home to listen to (specifically because JLT and Richie Kotzen were on it) and I was appalled. Each to their own I guess.... The saving grace for me was JLT delivering (if I remember rightly) a quality Stormbringer. Didn't he blast out Speed King on there too?

    As for the rest of it, I don't think the mark 2 stuff lent itself very well to be turned into funky soul or reggae. As for Corey Glover and friends on Burn, well, I felt they deserved a good kicking! It came across a bit Dread Zeppelin but without the laughs. Now I've got that off my chest, if there are people on here who do like the album, good for you!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Hey guys

    I am proud to have Stevie Salas in four songs on my forthcoming album.
    Stevie is a real cool guy and one of the finest, groovy, intelligent musician I have ever heard.
    On my songs he did an incredible job and they kick ass.
    And for all the Purple lovers, he plays on the cover "Gettin' Tighter" togheter with Doug Wimbish, bass player from Living Colour, and Virgil Donati on drums.
    I think his performance in this cover is amazing and he's the funk in the blood.
    Check it out soon, man ...


    Chris Catena

  • Thanks Chris! I was going to buy your album as soon as it's out anyway, but now I can't wait! Any news on a release date?

    Wow! Stevie on 'Gettin' Tighter' that could be spectacular!

    As you can guess from my avatar, I'm a big Bolin fan & can be a bit picky about people playing Tommy's stuff.

    With Stevie I can relax - he'll either play it in a different way to Tommy, or in a way that reflects sensitivity.

    In this case I'd put my money on him playing the riff so it'll take your face off....

    (In a good way )


  • Hey you are perfectly right.
    I am a great fan of Tommy Bolin too.
    Stevie has the FUNK!
    he knows how to trasmit to ya the energy to make your booty shakes.
    George Clinton is not the last in line and if he calls Stevie , there's a reason.
    He played the song in his personal way.

    There is another song called "Hey man" where he created great guitar loop on a hard funk track.

    he was so easy and profesional...I hope to work with him again in the future.


    chris catena

  • Hi!

    I saw 2 Stevie Salas concerts and all I can say is: If you have a chance to see him - go an get him!!!! He is really brilliant!!! One oft the hottest live acts - especially in smal clubs - he kicks ass!!!!

    I never saw T.M. live - but his albums are great! And they are important for the funky GH-fans! Listen!!!!

    Michael Kicker

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