MUST-HAVE Albums for the Glenn Hughes Fan

  • Hi all!
    Jon L and Chris Spencer brought me to the idea for this topic: Name any MUST-HAVE (non- Glenn Hughes related, which roughly means that GH didn't sing or play on it) Albums for THE GLENN HUGHES FAN.

    Here are some from me:

    Prince - The Gold Experience
    It's funky, it has Rock, Soul - a collection of excellent songs and musicianship. The Single of the title-track "Gold" had a Bonus track called "Rock'n'Roll is Alive" which is a real blast. Too bad it's not on the Album...

    Corey Glover - Hymns
    Solo offer from the Living Colour vocalist, again a collection of excellent songs in Rock, Soul & Funk. Essential listening - fantastic voice!

    Richie Kotzen - Motherhead's Family Reunion
    I know: Richie & Glenn have played together on various occasions - not on this CD. My favourite Album from Mr. Kotzen, this is so powerful, and Richie is an excellent singer!! The title-track and the cover of "Reach Out I'll Be There" will blow your head off.

    Jeff Buckley - Grace
    Jeff Buckley had an amazing voice. Can't describe how I feel, when I listen to this, his only ever finished Studio Album .

    Kansas - Power / In The Spirit Of Things
    If you like Hughes/Thrall (what a question...) you should try one of these two. Steve Walsh, lead singer of the Band, was in top-form - same for the rest of the guys and the material, musically. The Spirit Album especially has a very good concept about a Ghost-Town in Kansas. It changes moods with Steve's Vocal Performances, which I think is stand-out alone.

    OK, these are mine. I'm looking forward to read about your ideas!


    "Just groove to the Funk Music"

  • The Kansas Power album is brilliant....but the rot was setting in by the time of the second album. Outside songwriters and record company pressures began to intervene. Steve was very unhappy in the band then and it shows on the CD. In the Spirit is still good...but Power is a vital well done piece of inspired work. In the Spirit sometimes is the laughing stock of Steve Morse the way that Slaves and Masters is with Purple fans. I happen to love most of Slaves. Go with can't miss.


  • "Gold Experince", "Hymns", and pretty much any Kotzen (I listened to "Mother Head's" earlier today, but I'll pick "Slow") are great additions to any cd collection.

    The best cd I bought recently is the latest from Terence Trent D'Arby, "Wildcard: Joker's Edition". TTD is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of the past 15 years, and this cd is great. 19 songs - no fillers! Every tune is quality. Check it out.

    Another really good cd that I listened to recently is Kip Winger's "This Conversation Seems Like a Dream" (or something to that effect!). It is a very well-written cd. Not funky, but I can see Hughes doing something like that.

    For modern rock in the vein of the Goo Goo Dolls, etc, check out Splender - they are awesome. Their latest, "To Whom it May Concern" is what new music should be. Their debut "Halfway to the Sky" is great, as well. Great melodic songwriting, poppy hooks, great musicianship/vocals.

    And I also have to always plug King's X. Their last cd, "Manic Moonlight", is really funky. The band themselves said that Trapeze really influenced the sound/songwriting on this album. I can't wait to hear the new one coming out in a few months.

    For some very un-Hughesish music, I would recommend Del Amitri's "Change Everything" and "Twisted" cds from the mid-90's , and last year's release by Duncan Sheik, "Daylight". Excellent songwriting on each.

    The Philosopher Kings (from Canada) have two wonderfully soulful/poppy/jazzy cds that I love, too - Glenn would sound great doing music like that. Picture the Alchemist with way better songs on it.

    And anything by Steely Dan is awesome, as just can't go wrong there.

    OK, I said enough for now, though I could always say so much more on this subject. But that is a good start so far for any Hughes fan!

    As was offered to me recently, I would always be happy to make a mix cd of stuff from artists that I love and send it to anyone that is interested. Just contact me if you are at I would not want anything in return, just an opportunity to spread good music around! If more people spread good music around, maybe we could see Glenn here in the States sometime (other than Orlando or L.A.)!

  • Well, how about.....

    Lone Star Firing On All Six from the late 70's. Has John Sloman on vocals but the whole album is excellent and very funky in places - just listen to the bass lines !!

    Crawler's Snake rattle n Roll is awesome - great AOR stuff with a hint of funk n the great voice of Terry Slessor. Another British band from the mid 70's.

  • I have 'Mother Head's Family Reunion', but I would recommend Kotzen's 'What If' over that. For people who liked Glenn's take on 'Stoned' from Incense & Peaches. There's a lot of that style writing on 'What If'.

    I bought Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' and immediately returned it from whence it came. I couldn't connect with that album at all. Interestingly, though, I'm really big on StarSailor...who sing in a similar style and are named after an album by Tim Buckley.

    GH fans may dig the first album by Curtis Stigers. Very pop, with a bit of blue-eyed soul. Pat Thrall actually toured with Curtis to support the album.

    Lastly, I'll add the debut by New Radicals. There is some wonderful writing on the album, and the songs are very melodic, if somewhat cynical in the lyric department.


  • Well, my picks (without including the stuff we all already have) are mostly rockers, but have other elements thrown in. They are:

    Frederiksen/Phillips: Fergie Frederiksen and Ricky Phillips team up for a stunning album of quality catchy tunes, superbly written and featuring knockout vocals by Fergie. It's a bit bluesy, a touch country rock, but all in all amazingly good AOR.

    Jimmy Barnes - Two Fires: Jimmy Barnes is one of rocks greatest vocalists and he shines on this album. I bought his CD's for his voice and I waited for one where I never skipped a track, and here it is. Clearly an attempt at cracking America, Jimmy teams up with the likes of Desmond Child, Diane Warren and Tony Brock to create a commercial masterpiece that can still rock. Power ballads, feelgood AOR, a little funk and soul smattered around, it's got the lot, and I've not heard Jimmy sound better. I'm a sucker for the feelgood rock you get on Baywatch during the montages (but more specifically, Baywatch Nights, superior in every way) and both these two albums have that kind of driving rock vibe. Kevin Savigar who wrote material for the Baywatch soundtrack is also present here.

    The Snakes - Once Bitten: Now THIS was a real find for me. A gamble, but it paid off big time. It's a Jap only release from the Marsden/Moody pairing that would eventually become Company Of Snakes. I don't think much to Stefan Bergman (I hope I've got his name right!), but that doesn't matter, because the singer here is the mighty Jorn Lande, the very reason I paid full import price for this. He impressed me so much on Nostradamus I wanted to hear more from him, and this album was described as "classic old style Whitesnake". It is certainly that, and Jorn knocks out a belting Coverdale impersonation while still retaining the tone that makes him what he is. The songwriting is exceptional and Jorn is perfect. Bernie and Mickey obviously rated the material too because almost all the songs on here ended up on "Burst The Bubble". However, no disrespect to Stefan and strictly in my opinion, from what I heard Jorn is superior in every way.

    David Lee Roth - DLR Band: A little known gem. Dave returns to form after the patchy "Filthy Little Mouth" with fourteen tracks of Dave at his hard rocking Van Halen-esque best. No fill up tracks here, just a rollercoaster of quality riffs, amusing Dave vocal straining, and the trademark humourous lyrics, featuring such genius as “From New York to Siam / Aces wild, yes we am� and “When you wish upon a star / Well wish no more coz here I are�. A fantastic fun rock album that makes you lose all track of time. First time it finished, I couldn't believe I'd sailed through 14 tunes. Excellent.

    Eric Martin - I'm Goin' Sane: The Mr Big vocalist's latest solo album is a belter. Kick ass rock, a BIG ballad, really solid production, a great batch of material. I'm a massive Mr Big fan and fell in love with Eric's voice the moment I heard it on "To Be With You" and consequently devoured every Mr Big release from then on. I would've chosen a Mr Big album, but I love them all like children and to choose between them was impossible. This is a great rocking album, less commercial than Mr Big, so any rockers out there, check it out.

    Jimi Jamison - Empires: Call it a Jimi album, call it Survivor, to me it's just excellent. Melodic rock, heavy riffs, catchy hooks and even a little funk on "Love Is Alive" (also covered by Anastacia) this album features Jimi playing all his aces. His voice is in great shape and he throws in a bonus live version of "Burning Heart" from Rocky 4 and a re-recording of the Baywatch theme "I'm Always Here". Yes, I make no apologies, ANOTHER Baywatch connection. What do you expect when it stars David Hasselhoff and the soundtrack got me listening to Jimmy Barnes and Jimi Jamison? So, for fun, I'll throw in one of my secret treasures.......

    David Hasselhoff - Night Rocker: Ah, David Hasselhoff, king of entertainment. Nobody else can juggle superstardom, great family shows and a highly sucessful musical career like Dave. A lot of people reading this will think I am taking the piss, but I am a big Hasselhoff fan. Another myth is that Dave sings syrupy ballads in German to sell albums, and does little else. This album is one in the eye for the musical philistines. "Night Rocker" the birth of our hero as the headband wearing, leather clad bare chested rock adonis that secured him a place performing live shows to sellout crowds wherever he went. It's a corker of an album, packed to the brim with feelgood tunes ranging from pop metal such as the parping genius of "First Night Together", through killer cover versions like "Do You Love Me", past the staggering vocal gymnastics of "No Words For Love" to full on rock like "All the Right Moves" and "No Way To Be In Love". Many are unappriecative of just how versatile Dave is, and this is one hell of a showcase. As the great man himself once said, "people who criticise Baywatch do so out of ignorance". The same applies for this album...people who have a go clearly haven't listened to it. I defy you to not sit there when it's on with a big grin on your face, tapping your feet and genarally loving life. If you don't, there's no hope for you. Elvis is dead, long live Hasselhoff!

    Well, I've rattled on for long enough. I could've probably picked another four or five albums, but I'll leave it for now. Hope I've not lost too much street cred. If I have, well my world is a happier, sunnier place than yours!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • James, we seem to get along I'm not gonna tell you what I think of Hasselhoff's 'Night Rocker' CD.

    And yes, I did actually listen to it.


    PS It's really overcast here in Vegas today, so yes - your world is sunnier than mine!

  • Hey, these are really impressive lists. Honestly, I have to check out some of the Albums you've mentioned. Funnily enough I listened to Kip Wingers "Thisconversationseemslikeadream" (one word, really) Album recently, which has some great tunes. I also like the New Radicals Album very much! As for Del Amitri, we play two of their songs in our Acoustic Set, so...
    I'm really curious about Terence Trent D'Arby's latest Album though - haven't had the time to listen to it yet. I even met the guy once in my local music store - he's only approx 1,50m !!
    As for David Hasselhoff - it's true that over here he's commonly and mostly known for Baywatch, Nightrider and extremely syrupy (like that word!) Ballads, that still scare the (....) out of me. Sorry.
    Looks like I'll have to think of some more Albums then.
    Cheers, Chris

    P.S. I you haven't, check out the Billy Idol Sample on Screamadelia, it's really funny!

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"

  • Chris, what Del Amitri songs do you guys play? They are just about my favorite band (Beatles excluded), so its good to hear that you play them. If you are ever interested in some bootleg live Del shows, let me know. I not only have pretty much every studio recording they ever did (lots of B-sides), but also should be receiving a TON of live stuff soon via the webmaster of one of their websites. (The band really supports the bootlegging of live shows, which is cool). I traded a couple old Alice Cooper concert videos for them. If you are ever looking for something by Del Amitri, let me know.

    Definitely check out the TTD cd. And if you like New Radicals, then check out World Party as well. Same concept (one man band) and very similar music, but better.

    And, as not to exclude any female artists, I would throw in Meshell Ndegeocello's "Bitter" cd, or the one before that. Great bassist. Good soul/funk music. Her latest cd is too hip-hoppy, though, so I can't recommend it (yet).

    We are all over the map with music suggestions, but its nice to not only see diverse tastes but good tastes in music as well.

    Back on the Glenn track....I would also have to recommend some of Hughes' influences, like Stevie Wonder's "Music of My Mind", Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and Sly and the Family Stone's "Stand!" or "There's a Riot Goin' On". Good stuff.

  • Hey Todd, at least you listened to Night Rocker! I don't force my beliefs on anybody....if people give it a chance and don't like it that's fine, as long as they listened! I figured if I could get away with revealing my dark Hasselhoff obsession anywhere, it would be here. We all have our vices, and Dave is mine!

    There's some great albums being mentioned here, plus ones I'm not so familiar with. It's good that we can all talk like this without it degenerating into a brawl about "what's better, funk or rock?"
    Another suggestion from me would be Joe Lynn Turners "Hurry Up And Wait". I love that album....catchy, commercial (no Baywatch connection here!) and it suits JLT's voice down to the ground. Some blues appears, theres a reworking of "Too Much Is Not Enough" from Slaves and Masters, some quality power's a general showcase for everything Joe's good at. Not as rocky as "Holy Man" or "Slam", but more upbeat than the mature AOR gem "Nothing's Changed", I'd recommend this as a good starting point for anyone wanting to investigate JLT's solo career after hearing HTP and want's a bit of diversity.


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Not sure if I can say hand on heart you MUST HAVE thse but I think peeps are interested on what we have on our CD players.

    I am really into the Norah Jones album - it's not rock nor funk nor smooth jazz. It has its own identity. She has voice to die for.

    Jamiroquai's Funk Odyssey is getting worn out. Now this guy is a a bit of jerk off aren't we all at some point? But it transcends his musical style. It's funk with a touch of politics. I hate music without depth and there's plenty of atmosphere here.

    Lenny Kravitz's Greatest Hits (I am not into Lenny enough to buy individual albums but this compilations shows off his varied songwriting ability greatly)

    I am restocking my Purple collection at the moment as I have all the albums on plastic whatever the line up was. One I re-bought recently was Deep Purple in Rock which is on special offer in the UK for £6.99 at HMV. I lost a few CD's in a house move including Blues (which I managed to get) Another one I picked up was the Best of Fleetwood Mac - I mean the proper Peter Green FM not the later one. Again, as compilations go what a gem!!! Peter Green's explorations were years ahead of their time and has gigged/recorded with GH.

    Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life and Innervisions are always ready to pounce.

    Santana's Supernatural is seen by some as a vain attempt to grab on to history by shipping in some young bucks. But I think it works. Not sure about the instrumentals - I find myself reaching for the stop button towards the end but yep I can replay this one.

    Nirvana's In Utero is always there as are the other albums. I just think the industry needs a kick up the ass sometimes and they did it. I love the fierce delivery combined with the melodic instinct. Passion and feeling.

    The tips above (especially tha Kansas albums) I will search out with interest.

  • quote:
    Originally posted by Jon L:
    Chris, what Del Amitri songs do you guys play?

    Jon, We play "Nothing Ever Happens" with two additional harmony voices in the Chorus and "Driving With The Brakes On". I managed to get the "Lousy With Love" CD (B-Sides), and our drummer has lots of other Del Amitri stuff. Thanks for the offer!

    [Quote]Back on the Glenn track....I would also have to recommend some of Hughes' influences, like Stevie Wonder's "Music of My Mind", Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and Sly and the Family Stone's "Stand!" or "There's a Riot Goin' On". Good stuff.

    Stevie Wonder's Talking Book & Innervisions Albums are two of my favourite "Soul"-Records. I also lik a lot of the Atlantic/Stax stuff (Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave and, of course, Aretha. On the Funk-side, Graham Central Station make me smile alot. So much energy...
    Sometimes I think that I'd need two additional lives to listen to all the stuff I'd like to (again)...

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"

  • Morjens,
    it must be this sick old thrasher inside me but I've been into Death Angel, Swarm, Voivod King Crimson and Jane's Addiction Family Tree (Perry's solo is awesome!) lately....haven't even touched my GH or funky stuff collection....
    About TTD album someone mentioned - I think it is good, but a bit too long - it get's boring after 40 mins or so...and Corey Glover - The Hymns was very good album - but I was disappointed to it when it came out, but sure - it has grown...



    ps. anyone got "Perks & Tit" yet?

  • Some great music to listen to:

    Rob Lamothe-a great singer/songwriter who is simply amazing. Http:// go there for samples. He was the lead singer for the Riverdogs back in the 80's/90's with a guitar player named Vivian Campbell.

    Dishwalla-Opaline: if this cd doesn't hit you, you're not alive. Beautiful songs from start to finish

    The Tea Party- 2cds Transmission or Tryptich. The singer Jeff Martin is flat out awesome. Imagine the Doors meets Led Zeppelin. That's a start.

    DADA- S/T Some great songs on this disc from 1998.

    Stereophonics- imagine Rod Stewart(Faces era) meets Mick Jagger. Great retro rock similar to Black Crowes. Good Stuff

    Taxiride: What a set of lungs on the singer for this Australian band!!! Labeled Nu Breed but I woiuldn't call it that at all. If Nu Breed is Lincoln Park these guys are polar opposites. They woulda been huge in the 80's

    I could name more but most people probably have stopped reading by now so I'll shut up.


  • Hi guys!

    Here are my contributions to the must-have albums for the GH fan:

    First of all I have to say that my musical taste is quite diverse – I have CD‘s from Metallica to very soft US-pop, from Dream Theater to Toto, some funk or jazz and of course classic hard rock.

    There are a lot of great albums here already mentioned – but also some new things for me which I’ll check out soon! The only thing I cannot understand at all is David Hasselhoff! Come on James – you live in the homeland of Rock!!!???

    So here is my list:
    Stevie Salas – Back from the living
    Stevie Salas – All that...and born to mack (Live in Japan)
    Third Eye – Hardware
    Nicklebag – 12 hits and a bump

    Three albums from Stevie...featuring some great musicians like T.M.Stevens, Bernard Fowler or on the Third Eye album Bootsy Collins and Buddy Miles...that’s rock with funk in the vein of the songs Stevie has done with GH on „the way it is“...

    Diesel – Solid state rhyme

    Great australien musician...the album from 1995....he has also contibuted to some Jimmy Barnes songs! Good mix of rock, pop and funk!

    Richie Kotzen was also mentioned! I think he gets better and better! Therefore „Slow“ is MY album!

    Very sensious is the music from Maxwell! Check out „Maxwell’s urban hang suite“ or „Embrya“! Very groovy and sexy too...

    From King’s X „Gretchen goes to Nebraska“ – from 1989 the best from them for me until today

    Tackhead – „Strange things“...very rare...very groovy...great music from great players/singers featuring Bernard Fowler and Doug Whimbish

    Then my „Richard Page“-section...great musician and singer from the L.A. studio scene...with:
    Mr. Mister – „Welcome to the real world“ and „Go on“
    Third Matinee – „Meanwhile“ featuring also Patrick Leonhard and many studio cracks from L.A.
    Richard Page – „Shelter me“

    And then: Dan Reed Network – „Dan Reed Network“ and „Slam“...perfect mix of rock and funk...

    A must-have for me: Seal – „Human being“ and „Seal“ from 1994

    Some others:
    Jeff Scott Soto – Parade (his first solo albums – much better than his last one)
    Kip Winger – both solo albums
    Powerstation – Living in fear (great mix of everything – Robert Palmer in great form...last production from Bernard Edwards...RIP)
    No Doubt – Rock steady

    Please excuse my english mistakes – I’m out of practice...


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