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  • I don't know how many people have been keeping an eye on Whitesnake since their tour with the Scorpions and Dokken kicked off in the States, but I have. All the reviews are raving about Coverdales voice being much better and stronger, and not just the Whitesnake board which would obviously show some bias. Even the Scorpions fans are singing his praises. Rock on David, and can't wait for the European leg....rumour has it Gary Moore may be in the frame as support!


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  • rumour has it Gary Moore may be in the frame as support!

    Rumour no more. Dates are now confirmed I believe :-

    May 12th - Brighton Centre
    13th - Bournemouth BIC
    15th - Manchester Arena
    16th - Birmingham NEC
    17th - Wembley Arena
    19th - Cardiff International Arena
    21st - Sheffield Arena
    22nd - Glasgow SECC
    23rd - Newcastle Arena

    It's the Monsters Of Rock bill, Gary Moore is the only other act announced so far.



  • I've only seen one review on Highway Star in the Coverdale forum from Curtis Martin.....Where are "all the reviews" ??? Links please. Martin's review was inconclusive...I'm thinking of going to the Sunday show here in LA...then I can judge for myself.


  • There's a thread over at mr.com that might prove useful as more shows are played.


    Also, came across this one from the recent Tampa show.

    Bad Boys
    Slide It In
    Slow & Easy
    Love Aint No Stranger
    Judgement Day
    Is This Love
    Crying In The Rain
    Give Me All Your Love
    Here I Go Again
    Still of the Night.

    30 years ago I first saw Coverdale in Miami with DP, on their Burn tour. I saw him later on the CTTB tour, with Bolin and then in the late 70's with an early WS.

    Last night in Tampa, Whitesnake rocked. The Forum holds 19,500. I gotta say it was 75% full, with hard core WS & Scorpion fans.

    Dokken opened at 7pm, and it was the first time I've heard them, they were great. At 8pm, Whitesnake took the stage and roared with Badboys, followed by Slide It In an Slow and Easy. It seemed everyone new the choruses, cause it was a great sing-a-long. DC was of good humor, joking about his underwear being too tight and making him sound like Michael Jackson.

    The weakest song was Judgement Day, the vocals were low and there was minor distortion. But Is This Love, and the remainder were clear, crisp and well played. Coverdale has a great voice and excellent showmanship. The band seemed to respond to the crowd which made the whole thing a great experience. They closed with Still of the Night, which brought the house down.

    The Scorpions closed the show and gave over an hour and a half of great rock, they introduced a surprise guest, Brian Johnson (ACDC), and closed with Like a Hurricane.

    I don't know how large the first three shows of this tour were, but the forum here in Tampa filled the floor area and most of the first tier seats around the stage and almost all the way around. It was a little sparse in the very back, and the second and third tiers are small and weren't used.

  • John,

    The reviews I read on the Whitesnake board are on the top of David Coverdales homepage....top banner where it says "Whitesnake.com" click tour reviews and you get press releases and reports from people who were there. It sounds like he's takin' names and kickin' ass! Welcome back David!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • I am not certain, but over the next few weeks, although this is not Whitesnake related, Deep Purples "Burn" and "Stormbringer" shall be placed on one cd. If that is the case will both
    albums be remastered for the occasion, i know it is a difficult one, but it is food for thought, but i understand one cd remastering at
    a time! Although it's early days yet what a prospect. Your thoughts would be great.

    that would be great

  • BigW

    It seems Burn is being remastered (& remixed?) in the not too distant future & should include (at least) Coronarias Redig as a bonus track.

    Chances are, Stormbringer will follow later(probably much later!!)

    What you've heard about sounds like a typical short-sighted & dodgy record company cash-in, probably just to be available in certain countries. I'd be astonished if it involved any real remastering.

    (Though I guess strictly speaking, even sticking them both on 1 disc could be called remastering by some people....)


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