What is everyone anticipating this year?

  • As we start off the new year, I had some time on my hands with extended vacation to surf the net and catch up on bands I like. As I did I made notes of the bands that I can't wait to hear albums from. I was wondering what, besides Glenn Hughes, everyone was eagerly anticipating the release of? Here is my list as we speak(I reserve the right to change my mind )

    1. Craig Erickson/Rob Lamothe- a new blues album from these two (?)
    2. Everclear - Slowmotion Daydream (March)
    3. Cheap Trick (Feb 21)
    4. Masterplan - Jorn Lande rocks!! (Jan 20)
    5. Richie Kotzen -Change (March 3)
    6. Kelly Kealing - Solo
    7. Thunder - Shooting at the Sun(Feb 21)
    8. Planet Us (Sammy Hagar Project)

    These are cds I cant wait for.....How about everyone else?


  • King Crimson - The Power To Believe
    Suicidal Tendencies -TBA
    Marillion - Album No.13
    Voivod - The Multiverse
    Jane's Addiction - Hypersonic
    Living Colour -TBA

    and new albums from:
    John Sykes
    Black Sabbath
    Deep Purple MK III
    Rainbow with Ronnie



  • Personally, with Glenn and HTP 2 aside, I'm interested to see what Thunder will come up with after (in my opinion) "Giving The Game Away" was put in the shade by Bowes/Morley. The sound clips from "Back For The Crack" seem to be very promising too.
    Also, JLT is slated to have a new solo album out this year. I have all of them and he's never diappointed me yet, so hopefully he won't start now.
    I'm also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Eric Martin's new acoustic "ep" (even though there's 8 tracks on it) which, from the internet sound clips, sounds excellent.


  • Hi,
    I'am (more or less) patiently waiting for:
    1. Phil Lynott & Grand Slam - Live
    2. Living Colour - new Album (I'd also be very happy with a Live Album from their last Tour)
    3. Rick Wakeman - Out There (February)
    4. The Beautiful South - new Album (Autumn-Winter)
    5. Carl Palmer - Working Live (March)
    6. King Crimson - The Power To Believe
    7. Ken Hensley - Opramenko
    8. John Wetton - Rock Of Faith
    9. Jeff Buckley - Archive Release?
    10. It's A Snip - Live (because I was their lead singer for one special show only )
    Can't wait to hear SHAPE 68 and SITKOR, of course!

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"



  • quote:
    Originally posted by Tero:
    and new albums from:
    John Sykes
    Black Sabbath
    Rainbow with Ronnie



    Hi Tero,

    I'm sure Sykes has something for down the road..but there are no plans for any Snake, Rainbow or Sabbath projects. Rainbow's reunion seems to be only a rumour that fans who want it have invented....it has no basis in reality. It has been consistently denied by Ritchie, who is currently recording a new Blackmore's Night Album..The new Whitesnake lineup is just for cashing in on the upcoming stadium package tour, but I'm sure eventually Coverdale will want to do an album.....But in his recent messages he says he wants to do a live album...Yawn... Sabbath don't have any plans for an album.


  • Other than Glenn's solo album ............

    More than anything Hughes-Thrall Part Deux and Led Zep to reform and tour.

    Oh and hows about a new album from the guitar maestro himself ... EVH.

    That'll do me!!!

  • I understand it's not too far away, and the word
    is there will be a total of 13 tracks,but with the length of some of their recent concerts,
    i guess the dvd has to be edited,the forthcoming
    Legends of Rock 2002!!!

    that would be great

    that would be great

  • Weel apart from Glenn solo, HTP, Hughes Thrall, Shape 68, etc I would like to see...

    A new solo Cd from Corey glover (Living Colour singer) If you can get hold of Hymns it is awesome - funk n soul n rock - a classic

    New Uriah Heep Cd - they get better with age

    New Lynyrd Skynyrd CD.....

    Thats about it !!!!

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