Graham Bonnet

  • In case anyone is interested (and you live in the LA area), I will be playing a show with Graham Bonnet at Paladinos in Tarzana, CA on February 21, 2003. We will be doing much of his back catalogue of Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG, and Impellitteri stuff , as well as some solo material. Hope to see you there!

  • Sounds like a great night!!!! Wish I could be to be better than cold Cambridge!
    Got a lot of time for Bonnet, nice guy and in my opinion, suffers a bit for "being a bit different" as does Glenn, within the rock fraternity. I got into him when he joined Rainbow when I thought he gave that band a real kick up the arse. He did`nt look like your average rock singer but could SING like a demon. Just as a lot of fans can`t take Glenn`s more soulful approach, Bonnet`s image and stage craft seemed to grate with the "Heavy Metal" crowd. Personally, as long as they deliver vocally, which both Graham and Glenn do, then who cares, it`s all music...
    Listen to Bonnet`s voice on "Assault Attack" by M.S.G and it`s a fantastic performance. I think that like Glenn, he has never really been give full credit for a great talent.
    Have a great night, hope it goes really well for you !!
    Andy B

  • I have every release by Graham Bonnet (On CD) from the Marbles to Impellitteri "System X" Now I have to find a way to get down to the gig in Feb.
    It has been along time since the the show in San Jose with Impellitteri back in 88'

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