USA Visits & Visas

  • Thought it worth mentioning here, in case you are planning to visit the USA over the coming year....US Immigration has begun clamping down on visitors with either no Visa or an expired Visa when entering the country.

    Even if it's just a 2 week holiday...if you don't have one, there's a good chance you'll get turned back - so if you book a trip, be sure and check with a travel agent or your local American Embassy or Consulate for the requirements - the INS web site has some info.

    It's not just regular folk who are being effected...the other week Rob Halford (ex-Judas Priest) was refused entry and sent back on the first plane to London due to his expired Visa! It forced him to cancel 2 shows he planned for the New Year celebrations!

    So be sure and checkout what you need before you get on the plane - otherwise you could have a really long day!!

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