Happy New Year

  • Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy new Year. Thanks to David and Shirean for another great year with GHPG.net and keeping us tapped into what's going on in the world of Glenn. THANK YOU!!!!! Can't say enough how much I apprecite this site. My hat is off to you. Be safe and merry during your celebrations!!!


  • Thanks - it makes all our efforts more than worth it after reading your comments. Cheers

    We hope everyone has a fantastic year...although life around us may be hectic at times and throws us some challenges from time to time...we can always rely on Glenn and his music to get us through and bring us back to the other side in one piece!

    Have a great year one and all.

  • Not just Glenn's music either David, coming here can be very theraputic. There's usually something to read unlike most sites that update once every sighting of Haleys Comet (not mentioning any names Graham Bonnet...!)
    In all honesty, it's a cool site filled with great people and I want to wish all of them a great New Year. See you all in 2003!


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