• anyone out there into checking out vocalists should look for "firing on all 6" by lone star, 9not the country band) this came out in the late 1970s. vocalist john sloman had loads of real potential but seems to have disappeared after a brief sojurn as a solo artist and with uriah heep.

    check out lone star's album, he was great then for a kid of 19

    Dr D

  • John also played with Gary Moore on the 'Corridors of Power' tour. (Thought his solo album was disappointing - I'll have to give it another spin.)

  • Just recently I was going through some old Videotapes and found an old documentary about Uriah Heep. I haven't heard the LoneStar Song, but I gave the Conquest CD another spin (which I haven't done in years).
    What I thought about John Sloman in the Video (and on the CD) was, that he was a singer with an average voice (good technique, but no power), and that he was obviously more going for the good looks (long blond hair...hey, it was the beginning of the Eighties...)
    As for Gary Moore: In the early Eighties he probably changed his singers more often than his ___________ (insert your choice). In my opinion he should've have been singing his songs himself in the first place - what he began to do around 1983/84. Charlie Huhn was really funny though. Anybody remember that guy?

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"



  • Hi Chris

    If you're remotely interested, try to hear the Lone Star album 'Firing on all Six'.

    I think Sloman's better on it, but it probably doesn't matter too much what you think of him, as it's a brilliant album anyway! (Might sound a little dated now, but...)

    Kenny Driscoll's on their 1st album (which is OK but I wouldn't write home about it.)

  • I saw John a coupla times with Heep plus with Gary Moore. His best work withoiut doiubt is Firing on all Six - one of my fave albums n funky in places too !!

    As for Charlie Huhn - I sawe him sing w/ Gary Moore at the Reading Festival in the early 80's - yes he was funny !!!

  • well i could see sloman on tour with heep in 1980 tour in italy.
    he was good for me.
    also i have some tapes about that tour.
    i think also the gary moore album rockin every night ( live in japan ) is one of the best album of ever.
    i like also the solo work about sloman.
    last time is available also another aborted album about lone star.
    it's calling riding high.
    also i have lone star live bbc.
    4 songs with driscoll and 4 songs with sloman.
    he sings also true brits project with a lot of players too.
    definitely.....i like sloman, and i can't understand the reasons cause his career has been so poor of records.
    i know that he played one year ago some gigs in england, but i miss him......

    charlie huhn.... i like it.
    i saw him with ted nugent lot of years ago.
    but i like especially in the first album of axel rudi pell.


  • Charlie Huhn also had a stint with our German guitar God, Axel Rudi Pell (very Blackmore-influenced), in the late 80's.

    He appeared on his Wild Obsession album too.

  • Speaking of John Sloman, did anyone ever hear the Gary Moore album "Rockin Every Night - Live In Japan" on which Sloman was the vocalist?

    Well, check out the live version of "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" originally from the "Corridors of Power" album. I read a long time ago that Moore had an obsession with finding a 'Hughes-like' vocalist and this is where it shows. Moore, I think, does the main vocals on this live track, but just as the song kicks up a gear in the middle and moves into 'rock' mode, Sloman kicks in starting with the line 'I've been searching for somethin I might never find'. Talk about a Hughes clone he clearly just tries to rip him off, although he can't hit the high spots like our Glenn can. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Cheers ... Pete.

  • Oh Man...Yeah!!!

    Thanks Top Cat !

    I will be all over that offer soon...

    You made my day man.....


    Give me some Glenn Hughes, Allman Brothers,Gov't Mule and Devo(Yep I said Devo)..and I'm in music Heaven.

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