• Let me know exactly what happened with that email thing Friday night. Are you interested in trying to work out some low key trading?

    Keep in touch, it was nice chatting. Feel free to email me. See you on winmx!

  • Hi TopCat
    I saw your message on WinMx on Friday night. I was not home but had the pc turned on.Im sorry i missed you cos im sure you have some Glenn stuff that i dont have. Well maybe another time. Could you remind me of your username on WinMx, you know mine

  • Hi Bohemet

    Thanks for the message.

    My username is kralkmit. I might not be on for a while though - I've got quite a lot of listening material to catch up on & hardly any space left on my hard drive!!!

    I'm sure it won't be too long!!! (Not sure if I'll have anything you haven't got.)

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