Take A Look On The Inside
    2002 Kattguld/SPM Orange/Kattguld - XTC Productions AB - XTC A002

    Sounding very much like an English modern rock/pop outfit, this is not what I was expecting primarily because of the presence off JJ Marsh on three of the tracks. With a varied mix of sounds reminiscent of early David Bowie, Lou Reed and even John Lennon with a Beatle-esque touch, this well put together package containing 12 tracks is definitely mood setting!

    It's very laid back in places - stand out tracks for this listener include the opener 'You Knew', 'How Long', 'Walk In My Shoes'. The Willie Nelson sounding 'Another Song For The Poor', 'Celebrate My Life' which has some nice Hendrixy style licks and a good vocal chorus. 'Why Is It So Hard To Give' is not bad with a Neil Young riff throughout. You can imagine the song, album title and first single, 'Hello (Take A Look On The Inside), being played on any US college radio station, with good catchy chorus.

    The music of this Swedish band is certainly odd and remarkable and is produced with edge and presence.

    JJ Marsh's participation is not at all in the style you would of expected, which is not a bad thing, but should be mentioned in case you're thinking this is a hard rock outing - which it certainly is not! JJ can be found on the tracks 'You Knew', 'How Long' and 'Celebrate My Life'. His connection with the band is a friendship and collaboration with one of the main members of Orange, Sampo Axelsson. Sampo and JJ wrote some material together with Glenn for the albums Addiction and The Way It Is. Sampo also participated as a bass player in Glenn Hughes band on the European tour in 1996 and on one tour in Japan during 1997.

    For more info on Orange and their debut album, pay a visit to their web site at:


  • Just checked out the Orange mp3's. Pretty good riffs, almost has a 70's feel to it(Slade comes to mind). I do hear a little Lennon just not John....more like Sean. Maybe a little George Harrison mixed in for good measure. Worth checking out on their website


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