OT: World's Apart John Norum

  • Does anybody have this album???? I just found a used a few weeks ago... am trying to get into it...Kelly Keeling sounds exactly like Kip Winger on it, even the lyrics start to sound like later Winger and solo winger stuff. I love singers with their own identities, when they are clones it really annoys me..... like that guy in Journey Steve Augeri. Great singer but there's no difference between him and Perry. The joys of DP were that all the singers were different.


  • it,s World,s away and it was released in 97 i really like the album but i more like another destination from 95 i think,kelly kelling is from the band Baton rouge.

  • I love Kelly and I think he's got a great voice. He is a singer with his own identity, but he is also blessed (cursed?) with the ability to alter his voice. I have a great version of him doing Speed King and he doesn't try and imitate any Purple singer, he just delivers a quality vocal.
    I have all the Baton Rouge albums and I recently got this one, but haven't really sat down and listened to it yet.


  • This John Norum cd is good but it does not show Kelly's voice at it's best. He is a great singer who is starting to be quite sought after. Not only has he worked with John Norum but also John Sykes(Blue Murder), Micheal Schenker(1stdio,1live cd), and Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus(3 cds). Also in the newest version of King Kobra again with Carmine Appice. He is currently working on solo stuff. Don't judge him by that one cd. He is a talented guy.

    Okay, I'm off my soap box. Having said what I said, he is no Glenn Hughes. I dont thing anyone ever will be or ever was. I believe one of a kind would be the phrase. Those of us that know his music are the lucky ones


  • His singing is fine on this CD..It's just that at times Kelly sings so much like Kip that I think I'm listening to a Winger CD. Kip Winger is a fantastic singer, despite the stupid hair band reputation.


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