Off Topic: John Entwistle RIP

  • John Entwistle, The Who bassist, was found dead today in a Las Vegas hotel room.

    Pete Townshend is on a plane on his way to Vegas right now and has yet to hear the news.

    I had just seen him recently as part of the 'A Walk Down Abbey Road - A Tribute To The Beatles' shows.

    Very sad.

  • Thank you Shirean... I just logged on here and this is news to me... I'm utterly devastated, having grown up with the Who as a teenager.. and my last Who show was two years ago at the Hollywood Bowl. I had the pleasure of shaking John's hand as he walked onstage at the Strand in Redondo about 14 years ago...and once caught his attention and had a brief conversation with him when he was onstage in San Diego in 82!!!! (But of course it was brief because he couldn't hear me.) This is just so sad... Our rock super heroes from the 60s and 70s are aging into senior citizen status now and becoming victims to mortal and other causes.

    John Harjo

  • The tour should have been cancelled, but it resumes Monday at the Hollywood Bowl. I choose to honor my memories of the great Who show there two years ago... so no way I will be there. I guess greed is a powerful thing, what with Pete selling all Who songs, Bargain indeed.. ruined!!!!!

    Check out the bass player for the WHo tour and his credits surely ya all have heard him or own at least one of the cds he's on:

    Pino Palladino Discography


  • This from Ann Wilson of Heart - she toured with him recently during the "A Walk Down Abbey Road" shows...

    "John Entwistle liked women. I didn't get close enough to that flame to discover what his exact preferences are, but it seems to me that there was a type of womanizing fanaticism in him that I have only heard about in 70's rock mythology. At least that's my opinion.

    His personal style never varied; cowboy boots under tight-fitting jeans, a fresh shirt, a tailored, waist length leather jacket, well manicured silver hair, beard and mustache...and THE SPIDER. He always wore a large spider pendant around his neck, and sometimes there was a large rubber spider sitting atop his mountain of speaker cabinets. I can't say for certain what he really had in mind, but to me the identification is pretty clear. "Watch out little girls! Here comes the spider!" Creepy crawly creepy crawly...YIKES!

    His speech is a combination of Cockney and years of alcohol, and at first listening really does sound like a foreign language to my West coast ears. I found him very funny and an excellent bass player (duh) on the Abbey Road Tour. During the first rehearsals when we were all still getting used to the idea and title of the tour "A Walk Down Abbey Road", his quip was "A Walk Down Abbey Road with a white cane". He's funny. He played loud. Really loud, on a high tech looking bass with LEDs set into the neck. All in all, John had his shit together in his own time-tested way, and has a very cool, virile band around him in Godfrey Townsend on guitar and Steve Luongo on drums. On "Can You See the Real Me" they almost out-Who'd The Who!"

  • Thought you'd like to see these clips...includes a minute or so from Monday's night performance at The Hollywood Bowl.

    Also, a short report on the incident and a brief history of his life and times...both require Flash installed and either Real Player or Windows Media Player to watch.

    THE WHO - Perform at the Hollywood Bowl
    July 2nd - A near-capacity Hollywood Bowl crowd welcomed the stage return of The Who, just days after founding bassist John Entwistle passed away.…270292587b697c895842c5822

    LEGENDARY ROCKER DEAD - The Who's John Entwistle Dies
    June 28th - John Entwistle, the quiet, efficient bass player who co-founded The Who, was found dead of an apparent heart attack Thursday in his Las Vegas hotel room.…sv&fr_story=FEEDROOM35000

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