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  • Hey

    As I'll be seeing FOREIGNER in the states this summer, I just checked one of their websites.

    They sure have some line-up with DENNY CARMASSI on drums on their tour! going to be a rock and roll night. Read that LOU GRAMM is on a slow but sure recovery from his brain tumor operation

    The lineup for this tour is Mick Jones - guitar; Lou Gramm - vocals; Bruce Turgon - bass; Jeff Jacobs - keyboards; Denny Carmassi - drums; and Tom Gimbel - sax, rhythm guitar.


  • They are coming to my hometown on 7/3. I'll try to post something about the show here. I'm expecting them to put on a pretty good show. There is some concern as to how well Lou Gramm will handle the tour, though. I'm looking forward to it.


  • I saw them two years ago in Anaheim at the Sun Theatre... I was quite disappointed because Lou Gramm wasn't really singing that good. And it was strange because some of the slow songs he would sing great like I want to Know What Love Is and Waiting for a Girl, but others like Hot Blooded were pretty bad. On the VH1 BTM Episode at the end he was losing the weight that was gained because of the tumour, and that was present when I saw him. It remains to be seen what is going on with his voice, I wondered if tapes were being used because he was struggling to hit any high notes but on those ballads his voice was crystal clear. I say it again thank god for GH's ability to retain his talent all these years later. I also hear Dio still has it!!!!!


  • Happy 4th everyone!

    Foreigner was in town last night. I had indicated that I would post about it, so true to my word....

    Foreigner was the headliner for the opening night of my home town's annual summer festival - Ribfest. They will also be playing in Chicago at the taste of Chicago tomorrow night.

    They were due to go on at 8:00, but didn't get going until almost 8:30. Not sure how long they were contracted to play, but we were all expecting close to a 90 minute performance. They played for about 50 minutes before they departed. They did come back out for a couple song encore, bringing the total length of the set to just over an hour. A little disappointing in that, but the show itself was pretty good. Lou Gramm didn't quite look well, but worked hard and was fairly entertaining. His high end range was clipped, but he seemed to know it, and knew how to adapt to still do a nice job with the show. The show was pretty much a best of set from start to finish. I thought all the musicians did an excellent job, and especially enjoyed the bass and sax parts. We were all hot and sweaty yelling and singing along all night long. And as the young lady next to me pointed out, we all felt like we were seventeen again. I think you will enjoy yhe show, but I wouldn't expect to see Lou's vocals in top form just yet. Still some recovery for him to do, if he can. I hope so.


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