Liddell, Rush & Thrall

  • These guys are getting another outing, again thanks to Z Records who last week released a double CD sampler Rock The Nations 2.

    You'll remember Thrall is of course, Pat Thrall. As the name suggests the band is a collaboration between new Tygers Of Pan Tang and one-time Strangeways vocalist Tony Liddell, Billy Rush (Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes) and the legendary Pat Thrall (Meatloaf, Asia, Hughes/Thrall). Fans of Pat Thrall's previous work featured on the classic Hughes/Thrall release will not be disappointed.

  • The CD sampler where this track can be found is available now. The full album release from Liddell, Rush & Thrall, also titled The Law, was originally slated for release last October, but is currently scheduled for July 22nd, 2002.

    Pat Thrall had this to say about it last year when he heard of it's resurrection!


    I had a very strange thing happen this month. I'd done a demo with a lead singer in 1988 that never got signed. His name was Tony Liddell from the British band, 'Strangeways'. I moved on after the failed attempt of getting it signed and played with Jack Bruce for the rest of that year.....of course, this month it got signed to Z Records.....13 years later!! Go the original producer sends me the master tapes and asks me to transfer the tracks into Pro Tools and make them presentable to be released. I spent several days in the time capsule doing my best to conjure a true metal sound of the 80's...something I never thought I would be doing in the year 2001.

  • Just to update this release,I talked to Pat a couple of years back and he told me its back on the shelf again after some problems with the label,what a shame!, it sounds like good stuff :confused:

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