• I'd like to recommend two bands to the folks who frequent this site. Not Hughes related/connected at all but very soulful allthe same. My two are Derek Trucks Band and Gov't Mule. Anyone elso got any recommendations for an eager listener?

  • I've mentioned him before and some may have heard of him: Rob Lamothe. If you haven't heard this guys voice you should be ashamed of yourself(just kidding) Seriously, check him out. He has a website with mp3's http://www.roblamothe.com He has 2 new cds and an EP this year. All 3 are great.

  • is one of Shirean and I's next favourite vocalists. He was in one of our favourite 80's bands, Strangeways.

    His latest solo release is titled Back To Eden. You can also find him as one of the vocalists in the band, The Sign featuring amongst others Zebra's Randy Jackson, the great keyboard player and song writer Mark Mangold, drummer Bobby Rondenelli and bass player Billy Greer of Kansas.

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