Glenn in your backyard

  • If some Dave Meniketti (Y&T) fans can get him to come play a show in their back garden, then I'm sure a lot of us could persuade Glenn to make a trip for us, eh?!?!

    As long as we all chip in the $$ to make it worth his while! So the question is - who has a BIG back yard and where is it? How about July 4th next year?

    It would be cool, don't you think :D

    Aside from Dave in the picture below, you should also recognize Myron Dove on bass - he played with Glenn and Ronnie Montrose in Anaheim earlier this year at NAMM.

  • David,
    Great stuff,man! Where did find out about this one? Also, any more info..Is that Glenn playing guitar? Never seen that in a live situation..Set list? Equipment( any gear hounds out there? )
    Again, Thanks from all of us Glenn-freaks in Dallas!

  • The guitar player is Dave Meniketti formerly of Y&T (Yesterday And Today), they hit big in the '80s metal explosion, but were also well known in the SF Bay Area in the mid-to-late '70s. He's currently a solo artist, with his current album in the Blues vein, but he still throws in some Y&T favourites to the set list!

    Dave uses various equipment but some of his current favourites include a Mesa Rectifier and Boss Super Chorus pedals.

    This is some of the set list Dave played at the July 4th garden party:

    Angel On My Shoulder
    Loan Me A Dime
    Take It Like A Man
    Dirty Girl
    Parchman Farm
    Baby Blues
    Say GoodBye
    Rescue Me

  • Shirean....GREAT from what I can see...great set up! Let me know what happens.
    Hey Glenn...I sure hope your reading this!
    Love, Joe Bolin

  • Hey- I know my back yard's big enough for Blackmore's Night maybe, but I don't think it's big enough for a Glenn Hughes show! So let me know soon, so I can schedule some vacation!


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