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  • yes, i know.

    this is nothing about glenn hughes, but in some way is connected.
    i was on tour with glenn and ufo last november, and i met a lot of people.
    i met ufo members, and in particular i had really good times with pete way and his wife joanna demas.

    well, 10 days ago joanna demas died in columbus ( ohio ) in her home.
    i held into myself this bad new until here although i knew this since one week ago.

    but now also in you can find this sad event, so i felt in my soul to tell you about it.

    she was really amazing with us, and every nights we could see her sweetness, with pete and the fans.

    i like remember her smile forever, and my thought go to pete in this difficult moment of his life.

    now i can see the pix on my room and remember those beautiful moments.
    here is one of pix i made.

    joanna is in the right of picture with my wife daniela


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