Getting Tighter 4.12.1975 Jakarta

  • Hi Tero,

    I saw them on the Euro leg of this tour as I have mentioned before. I have to be brutally honest, but I think the cracks had already started to appear even on certain moments on the Asian leg. This is great as an archive recording but I couldn't help thinking that I'm not sure I'd like to revisit the event again if I had a time machine. A little painful when at least one your idols is ill. And this is coming from one of the most ardent fans of CTTB/Bolin era. I hope that doesn't sound too negative and thank you for sharing it. I get a lump my throat whenever I write about it. It's 'cos of the person we lost and the other we nearly lost I think.

  • where is this gettin tighter from? My CTTB show that I attending was in New York City and I have the entire show with decent quality.

  • Hello,
    I was 4 years old back in 1975 and got into CTTB about 9 years later - during Deep Purple reunion...Of course I haven't seen that line up live, but it is still the magical Deep Purple version for me. Somehow Perfect Strangers wasn't that special album for me.

    I can't help it, but everything that Bolin, Hughes, Coverdale, Lord, Paice did sounds good or interesting to my ears...even the worst concert in Japan - now I don't mean 15.12.1975 show, but the very first one.

    faz200 - I don't know if you have the "Tapsa remaster" version of that N.Y. show - "Come Taste"...with Tommy's picture on front cover...but it is simply the best one from that show.

    This "Getting Tighter" is from - as far as I know - the first show Deep Purple played in Jakarta.



  • Hello faz200....
    Welcome to the GH gang of Crazy People.

    Lodi, huh? I used to live there, off 46.
    Do you ever go to "CD Heaven" on 17 north, in Paramus?

    While you were at Radio City Music Hall in 1974,
    for the DP concerts, I couldn't go, because at that time,
    I was foolishly wasting money on food for my children!!!!

  • Yes Keith, sorry to admit, that you're right.
    Now that my evil children both have college degrees,
    they can damn well buy their own food.

    Mom is buying the records (oops) CD's that I could never afford before.
    Plus some axes, of course.

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