"Mk3 - The Final Concerts" Box Set

  • From the DPAS:

    It looks as if the three Mk 3 1975 concerts (Graz, Saarbrucken, Paris) edited originally for Made In Europe in 1976, then recompiled for the Connoisseur 'Mk 3 Final Concerts' double CD in 1996, will appear as a special three double CD boxed set either later this year or early next. DPAS members were canvassed for their opinions in 2001/2 and the overwhelming majority wanted - everything.

    The set will appear on the Vap / Purple label in Japan and Purple Records in Europe. More details when we have them.

  • This sounds great - made in Europe is one of my fave all times albums as it is the one that convinced me G was God !!! His bass palying especially is awesome - really funky with a chunky sound - so to get the three shows that made up the MIE would be good !!!

    Now where is my tennis racket n Made In Europe Cd - You Fool No One beckons !!!!

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