King Biscuit '76 show

  • Just found this...King Biscuit Radio have a live Deep Purple show from Long Beach, California on February 27th, 1976 available for listening - but it does require the Real Audio player to hear it.

    It actually sounds quite familiar...will have to check, but sounds similar to the FoxBat release...but still worthing checking out if you're away from your CD player

  • Hi guys,

    From what I know they are one and the same. Both recordings got official releases in the UK :-

    Deep Purple ... In Concert. King Biscuit Flower Hour recorded Long Beach, Feb 27, 1976. Released through King Biscuit on BMG International, catalogue no 70710-88002-2

    - and -

    Deep Purple ... On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat recorded Long Beach 1976. Released through Connoisseur, catalogue no DPVSOP CD 217.

    The only differences are that the King Biscuit give the actual date where the Connoisseur release does not but it does refer to the King Biscuit recording in the CD booklet and says that they decided to "go with the full Long Beach gig" ... so they are the same show.

    The track listing's slightly different in that the Foxbat CD has the full Long Beach gig whereas the KB CD misses out "Smoke" and "Going Down" but does included 4 tracks also from a King Biscuit gig from Springfield, Mass on Jan 26 same year.

    Cheers to one and all for 2003.
    Regards ... Pete.

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