Can you help? searching for a Glenn picture...

  • Hello everyone, i'm looking for a picture of Glenn with a Cream colored 1972 Precision Bass, maple neck, during the 2002-2004 period. I just bought this bass and i was told it was Glenn's so i'm wondering if anyone has seen him with it?

  • Welcome to the GH gang, Ischia.

    Your attempt to show 2 pictures,
    only came up with those little red "X"s
    in the box, where the pictures should be.

    How about if you go to "Memorabilia"
    on this website, and look at all the
    photos that GH fans have posted, from
    different shows, (2002-2004 era) and see
    if you can find the bass guitar in those photos,
    that you're talking about?

    Then....practice, practice practice
    Take care, and post often.....


  • Is that supposed to be a plastic tortoise-shell panel? Or wood?
    It's kind of hard to tell from the photograph.
    (This question probably needs a direct answer from Glenn.)


  • It's a tortoise shell pickguard. It's all original save for the pickup and pots.

    I have a sale receipt (dated 2002) with Glenn name on it and various airline papers/stickers around the case with Glenn Hughes name on them. I guessed he must have toured or maybe recorded, or whatever with it. I just thought it may be cool to have a picture of it with Glenn himeself!

  • Looks like you will be flying from Switzerland
    to the UK this December, for a photo with Glenn,
    and a possible autograph written on the guitar.


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