Hughes/Thrall Nov.1982

  • Pretty good quality soundwise. It sounds really very eighties, especially hearing the keys. Remember the scene in Boogie Nights were Dirk Diggler ends up with these guys planning to rob a dealer in his house? This guy has this cassette tape on which this tune would have fitted well.


    - Fedor

  • and - most of Boogie Nights was filmed in Reseda where this boot is from.

    I downloaded this whole boot- anyone have some artwork??

  • Hell yeah, would love a copy of this whole show, so please anyone either get in contact or post here !!!!

  • BEWARE!!

    The soundclip "Who Will You Run To" is the same as on the "Highway Star"-boot.
    So either this new show is a fake or something is wrong with the date/place of the Highway Star-boot.
    It was mentioned elsewhere that it is actually from Dallas, but this "new" show is supposedly from Resada,CA.
    Listen to the Paul's clip and you hear Glenn say it's only their second show (like on the Highway Star-boot).

  • :fy2:

    Quote from David
    Also, has anyone got that Humble Pie show the took place the following night?
    David, 2 new Steve Marriott related releases on the way here in Europe (info from ;)

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial] STEVE MARRIOTT Rainy Changes - A Collection Of Rare Recordings (2005 UK 34-track 2-CD album set of unreleased material includes the complete very last last studio album, 'Soldier' which was recorded with the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra inthe mid 70's and tracks recorded with Peter Frampton shortly before Steve's tragic death) ***SANCTIONED BY THE MARRIOTT ESTATE***

    [/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial] HUMBLE PIE The Atlanta Years (2005 UK 2-CD album set comprising of a never before released studio album on disc one, in 1980 Marriott reformed Humble Pie with local musicians from the Atlanta area where he lived, disc two contains a live set from the band recorded in 1983). ** released 29 August 2005 **

    This might be not exactly what you're looking for, but still interesting info!

    Way off topic, I know... ;)




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