GH Free UK CD Offer!!

  • Made you look

    GLENN and David Coverdale are featured in this photo from tonight's edition of the London Evening Standard newspaper.

    Despite the fact the song featured on this upcoming FREE Rock CD offer is by Deep Purple MKII (Strange Kind Of Woman), it's at least good to see they decided to pick this particular picture - perhaps the person who put it together is a GH fan

    Thought you all might get a kick out of it

  • It's kind of a twist on the Rodney Dangerfield joke, about his ugly girlfriend: "You look up the word "rock star" in the dictionary, and there's a picture of Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale".

  • It was even cooler today!! The streets of London were plastered with this full-size picture on every newstand and there are thousands

    And again, a full-colour banner on the front page of the evening paper.

    What a trip, eh - I doubt they even realize the guy in the white jumpsuit is playing here next Tuesday night

  • David,

    Too bad that you don't have the time to go around to all these posters and write on each one:

    Hey folks, the guy in the white jumpsuit ----> GLENN HUGHES
    Wait a minute.......what are you and Shirean doing......ALL DAY MONDAY......??????

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