Classic rock part2 - DP & LS

  • As promised Grace and Shirl, here’s the DP / LS review from Classic Rock:

    Sometimes even a great band is entitled to an off night. But what a prestigious occasion to pick, and what a band to have waiting to undermine you if you do slip up.
    Quite what DP were doing at Wembley tonight is uncertain. With “Bananas�, their first new studio album in five years, still eight weeks away, they’re on a London stage again nine months after a pair of less than sold out Hammersmith Apollo gigs. The group carp on about the lack of interest afforded to Steve Morse era albums P & A, but their live show has knotted the noose.
    “Haunted� and “I’ve got your number�, two so-so newies, fall largely upon deaf ears. A smorgasbord of the tried and obscure begins with HStar and MLong, and it’s obvious that IG’s voice is not what it once was. “I’m Alone� segues nicely into a sprightly POH, and new keyboardist DA fits like a glove, but despite the inclusion of SK, SMOTW, Hush and BN an air of anti climax pervades.
    Earlier, LS wrecked the joint, stomping through WYN, IKAL, SM, TS, SHA, and the timeless FB. The difference between them and DP was that their own new songs – “That’s how I like it�, “pick em up�, and “Red White and Blue� – displayed all the firm conviction that Purple’s seemed to lack.

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Dave Ling’s review. I was at the NEC and as I’ve already said on this site, I was disappointed too. The UK dates should have been the start of the Bananas tour with a new setlist to incorporate the new stuff. I can’t believe Steve Morse can be happy just doing RB songs plus “The Well Dressed Guitar� – though he is always smiling on stage. “The Darkness� who opened are now the “next big thing� it seems here. Getting exposure on TV, in the national press, their album reached number 2, and now they’re doing a full length UK tour as the headliners. It’s depressing to think about that and the fact that Bananas will get plenty of advertising in the music press. It already has a half page advert in CR by HMV- Quote “features 12 monumental rock tracks packed with infectious melodies and masterful instrumentation�. Whereas SIKTOR, a true classic album in every sense, and Glenn Hughes will be seen and heard by no-one apart from his die fans like us.

    That’s why I have decided when I win the rollover lottery this Saturday I will spend plenty of it promoting Glenn! Fingers crossed.

    It's in my blood

  • Thanks for that, wolfysmith.

    Put some of that lottery money to one side for Grace and myself to help on the GHCP Promotion Bus! A red one, of course!

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hey Shirl,

    If Glenn gets a RV (recreational vechicle)
    ((I think you call it a caravan)) and drives to
    different locations, then we can "get on the bus"
    and finally have "The Living Room Tour."

    But the bus has to be "Hues of the Glen Green!"

  • Hi Wolfy,

    The reason that recent concerts I've seen by Blackmore's Night and Boston have been so fulfilling, is that these are living breathing bands, doing their current and old material. And not just one token new song, but alot of them. Not only that, but the sets were well balanced with middle aged, newer, new and old material, so I didn't feel I was watching some haggard greatest hit set from 30 years ago. I also went to Whitesnake again last week, and they are much like Purple and Glenn are now with the greatest hit routine. It's so sad when great artists are still putting out awesome material 30 years later but they ignore all of it.


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