Hughes Thrall keyboardplayer

  • Thanks Ad - I think you're right judging by the two pix! Here's one more from the San Jose show in '82. The others will follow in a few days 8)

    Student Union Ballroom, San Jose State University, California - Saturday, November 20th, 1982


    Picture Courtesy: Rob Sample
  • My God, what a band! Tommy Aldridge needs no praise from me, but Jesse Harms as well? Not only is he a great keyboard player, he's a very good backing singer too.

    How many shows did these guys play? Are there any good recordings of them? I know about "Highway Star", but is that it?


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  • I know that with his output over the past few years Glenn made up the lost years...but still...the World Class potential the Hughes-thrall band had was humongous...

    But..there should be hope..judging from a big item on Hard Rock is becoming popular again (Sales figures rising by 230% since last year) Why not release Hughes Thrall-II real fast??

  • Hi All,
    According to Fedor there were at least 5 HughesThrall concerts. I personally think there must have been more. I also think that the concert on Highway Star is not from Lubbock because i have a tape of a HughesThrall gig where Glenn can clearly be heard sying "hello Lubbock", and this is a completely different gig with two songs not heard before. Maybe the Highway Star concert was a support gig? After all it only lasts about an hour.
    Hope this helps!

    PS Bring on Hughes Thrall 2!

  • Hi Sadsack

    Can you give me any more details on this other h-t show?

    fancy a trade ? e mail me.



  • The Hughes-Thrall boot "Highway Star" is actually from Dallas. If I remember correctly, The DJ/MC who introduces hiself as being from KLBJ. Glenn also says something like "Hello, big 'D'".

    They played at Reunion Arena as an opening act.

  • I have seen a video of H-T show (boot?) where the stage was turning round.

    The video camera was fixed, it looked quite strange to see the members from many angles.

    I don't know which show it was from...

  • Actually that was the infamous GH appearance with Pat Thrall and TM Stevens at the 88 Namm show. It wasn't from the 1982 era, as evidenced by Glenn's weight and beard.


  • Here's an unreleased demo track - Walk On Water - from the '80's written and played by Jesse Harms. On the second part, you get to hear a snippet of it, as interpreted by Eddie Money who recorded it for his 1988 album, Nothing To Lose, and which this song garnered chart success as a Top 10 single!

    Jesse also played on the album (keyboard and backing vocalist) and co-wrote one other song on it, Magic. Another GLENN HUGHES connection is also found on this release - Stevie Salas is amongst the featured guitarists!

    Walk On Water is a very '80s pop-rock's 'kinda like Richard Marx meets Strangeways with an extremely catchy chorus! You can certainly tell why Hughes/Thrall chose him as part of their touring band, not just for his excellent keyboard work, but also backing vocals...he sure can reach those high notes!

    One other GLENN link here....Hughes/Thrall supported Eddie Money in Southern California, as part of their initial live dates back in November 1982!

    Small world, eh 8)

  • Schless wrote the big hit "On The Wings of Love" sung by Jeffrey Osborne in 1982.
    He wrote the music to a song sung by Frank Stallone (Bad Nite) on the soundtrack of Over The Top.
    He produced and played Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Electric Piano on the album Gypsy Ride by Les Dudek.
    Also gets a credit as "arranger" on the soundtrack for Rambo:First Blood part 2.

    Karen and Peter Schless were living in Los Angeles when Peter wrote the hit single "On the Wings of Love" with Jeffrey Osborne in 1982. The success catapulted the Schlesses onto the radar of Hollywood’s sizeable Scientology community and they became members of the religion that same year. The idea, according to Karen, was that they would recruit celebrities for the group. By 1989 they were living at the Church of Scientology’s desert compound outside L.A., training others in its doctrines, taking courses themselves, and performing landscaping duties for $45 a week. Almost 10 years later, with the help of a friend, Karen “escaped”—her word for it—from the compound and flew home to Atlanta. She never spoke with her husband again. Their divorce was executed via mail. She had been, in the terminology of Scientology, “disconnected”—cut off because she had rebelled.

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