Tim Gehrt & Glenn

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    "Born in Topeka, Kansas, drummer Tim Gehrt actually started out playing piano. At the age of nine, followed by guitar. Finally, at 13, he settled on the drums. "I always knew I wanted to play them," he explains. "It was just a matter of talking my parents into it." At 15, he joined his first band, an already-established unit that played high schools, fraternities, and clubs.

    In a situation not unlike Steve's, before he even was out of high school, Tim had started playing professionally. After graduation, the same basic group of players stayed together for several years, working throughout the midwest.

    Tim's band opened for Kansas on one occasion, when the meeting of Tim and Steve set up a future association.

    At 23, Tim headed to Atlanta to audition for former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes. He recorded some demos with Hughes, and remained in Atlanta for about six months, doing sessions with various artists. Steve Walsh was in Atlanta during the same period working on his solo album, and he enlisted Tim to play on the LP. When Hughes moved on to Los Angeles, Tim went with him, spending six months there doing various sessions".

    Not bad huh..just googling around...

  • Hi Andrew,
    if your dad still happens to have them demos he did with Glenn - it would be awesome if you could post some of them, at least sort of a teasers, here. Would be great to hear what kind of music they were doing.

    all the best,
    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    T :)

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