SIKTOR review in Classic Rock magazine

  • Welcome aboard the Glenn Hughes Crazy Train, Funky Deuce! A Russian version of Classic Rock - now there's a novelty!

    Look forward to reading all your posts and comments.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi friends,
    Hi James! Being that talkative, I can only assure you all that I am busy student, so if I am here twice a week, it's very good for me... So no need to worry...
    To Shirl: Classic Rock Russia is absolutely real...and it's been there for two years already... It was nice at first, but turned out to be a worsened edition of UK. I read they launched a Polish version recently.
    We have some more rock magazines here, but they're like death metal oriented or too disrespectful - you know, the editors know the artists will unlikely read them, so they let the steam out. One of them (titled In Rock) actually reprinted an interview with JLT done by Kevin Shirley of Universal Wheels Online. They wrote a mocking intro to it and omitted some Uriah Heep related material - so I guess they had no permission to use that interview. Anyway, I may be wrong, I'd be glad if I'm wrong, but I doubt Kevin would have ever allowed them attaching such an intro (I will make a translation of it to anyone who's interested).
    Anyway, they don't print articles about hair there - Russian fans are a worshipping crowd, they won't allow any frivolous attitude towards their gods (and unfortunately, they don't have a feeling that rock stars are essentially people, like every one of us - Russian fans dub them gods and can't stand anything that is ironic or otherwise brings stars down to Earth... It's because when the musicians we all love were the media's favourite subjects abroad, in the Soviet Union these musicians were listened to undergroundly, info was hard to find and a lot of rumours surfaced... let alone hardly anyone understood the lyrics, and that's why older fans feel disappointed when they like discover what 'Speed King' lyrics actually mean)
    I wrote a small article about CR Russia for CtC, that can be found in archive issues (I recall it was CtC #50, if you're interested), and went in detail about what's so especially bad about CRR. I also included translations of Vlad Lesishin's reviews of BTM and Slam, that contradict each other I will provide a translation of his review of SitKoR soon. Four stars as well - they must have a policy on something No JLT this time - maybe later...
    I have some more thoughts about that, but later!

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