HTP Media Blitz

  • If you listened to the Interview you would have heard Glenn and Joe mention their "PR Girl"....well, her name is Lisa Walker and she has been busy on their behalf in trying to get the word out to the media about HTP in the USA. All other territories are handled by their record labels - MTM (Europe) and Pony Canyon (Asia). If you should find media outlets you think HTP should be promoted on, you are encouraged to contact Lisa via her company web site at - all suggestions are welcomed.

    Below is just some of where you'll find reference and actual interviews with the boys in the coming days and weeks here in the USA and the web.....

    HTP/USA was covered by ALL FOUR major radio networks, prep and website services. Glenn and Joe did phone and in-person interviews with ABC Radio Network, MJI/Premier Radio Network, Westwood One and Launch all in 2 days.

    -Major feature in Brave Words magazine
    -Interview with Hardradio
    -Interview in Goldmine (this still has to be approved by the editor of the magazine; the writer has submitted it)
    -Interview KNAC News Service/Magazine (news distributed to several hard rock e-zines)
    -Interview with Electric Basement news service (news distributed to several hard rock e-zines and picked up by major rock news portals such as
    -Glenn - phone interview with The Tour Bus
    -Joe - phone interview with Tripping Tree Radio in New Jersey during their Ritchie Blackmore weekend
    -Joe and Glenn Live in-studio with KNAC for worldwide webcast
    -Interview w/Gannett newspapers-New Jersey (will appear in at least 3 NJ papers)

    XM and SIRIUS:
    Charlie Logan at XM and Stacey X at Sirius LOVE the record. Logan has received great reaction. Joe and Glenn are recording little blurbs and an ID for XM using Pro Tools and will burn it on to a DAT or CD-ROM for XM. Sirius may do a live, in-studio with Joe.

    In addition, there are many more things "in the works". Currently, the focus is on getting features about HTP in newspapers that were big Deep Purple and Rainbow markets.

    Again, if you have any ideas about cable TV shows that they think would REALISTICALLY be interested in having Glenn and Joe on as guests, you are encouraged to contact Lisa. So, no TRL please

    Things are looking right on track for possibly even BIGGER things as far as HTP are concerned here in the USA...when they succeed, so in turn do their individual solo projects, and just maybe they'll reach a healthy level of success here as solo artists...let's hope's long over due!

  • Thanks, David
    Sites like yours really help bring the fans together in such a positive way. Hopefully, more USA fans will become turned on to the magic of Glenn Hughes over the next few months.

    I do want to echo the fact that there are SO MANY cable TV shows now that it is impossible for one person to keep track. So...people...seriously...send me suggestions!

    Recently Sammy Hagar was featured on DIY TV cooking and Darius Rucker received WAY TOO much press just because his house is going ot be on HGTV Keep in mind that getting on these shows is very tough but if the producer happens to be a fan or familiar with GH or JLT it could happen. VH1 Classic is obvious and we have have been working on that. What I am looking for is less obvious type shows.

    Feel free to email me any ideas.


  • Let me just repeat what I said a year ago....and with the album still hitting my Cd player every week in the gym with it's uptempo tunes only...This was a career masterpiece for these gentlemen, perhaps some of the most exciting music they've created since their Deep Purple (Glenn) and Rainbow days. It makes me feel good that it is finally getting the push it deserves. This album has so far set the record for amount of time it spent in my car cd player...although it's fallen off the charts there now....It was played every week or more in my car for about 10 months. I've never bought a Cd in recent years that I've played as much as this one. Stunningly brilliant stuff here. Thank god it's coming out in the states with a hard working Pr person pushing it. What amazes me even more is these guys are in their 50s and still able to create music at the peak of their powers, with the same creative inspiration as someone who is 21. That is truly astonishing and inspirational. If you think I'm being over the top as an example look at Eddie Van Halen, he's basically finished, and hasn't written anything that is great or good since the 1991 VH album, except for the paltry 2 or 3 new tunes that were on the 1996 VH greatest hits albums. And he's younger than these guys.


  • And to hammer home that point made by John, Sammy and DLR were as creative a force as Eddie (the debut album aside). Sam and Daves solo stuff/tours do pretty well (especially Sammy) and look what happened to the VH 3 album with Gary Cherone. A bargain basement filler everywhere. His apperance at Namm was the icing on the cake....or nail in the coffin.

    It's great that Glenn and JLT, who have been knocking out consistantly superb work over the last decade, are finally getting a PR push from someone as talented as Lisa, who I believe hooked up with them via VOCR....? And it seems to be working Stateside from what I hear.


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • John and James,

    Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm. As Joe so eloquently said in the KNAC interview...the grassroots marketing thing is very key to Glenn and Joe's success. There are no guarantees or no method to the madness . If anyone...USA fans or otherwise...want to read about the state of the music industry and how close-to-impossible it is to hear NEW music by classic rock artists in the USA, I cordially invite you to visit the LINKS section of my company web site:

    As for James' comments about my sincerest thanks but in all honesty we would not have been able to get the opportunities that we have been able to get for GH and JLT if HTP "sucked." Everyone has something positive to say. Aerosmith once said we "let the music do the talkin'" and we will succeed.

    By the way...USA fans...if you know of a radio station in your city that actually PLAYS new music by classic artists feel free to email me the call letters of that station. The "grass roots" effort JLT described means we are all one be happy family here

    Let's WORK IT!

    All The Best,


  • Well Lisa, there's no question HTP rocked rather than sucked, but as far as I'm concerned JLT and Glenn both have solo releases in their back catalogue that can sit next to HTP with ease for quality on the CD, but these have been totally ignored due to no promotion. The fact that HTP is getting a push Stateside is great so I'm gonna pin some of the credit on you whether you like it or not!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • James,

    My sincere thanks for some of the "credit." You are so kind. But it really boils down to this...Glenn and Joe and HTP have put out a quality product.

    However my "mission" is about turning the USA on to JLT and GH when many have lost track of these two major talents.

    All The Best,

  • A question for Lisa Walker:

    As part of the "HTP Medaia Blitz", would you know when the GH interview will appear, or in which 3 New Jersey newspapers they'll appear in?

    Thanks for getting GH the publicity he deserves!!

  • PS.....Lisa,

    There's a chain of 10 "CD World" stores in New Jersey. They come out with a monthly (free) magazine called: "MUZINE" with articles highlighting upcoming new albums, interviews,re-issues and just about anything to do with music.

    MAybe you could contact them about doing an article or interview with GH.....

    MUZINE published by:
    Red Flag Media
    10 W. Dorrance Street Suite9
    Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704
    (570)288-1742 FAX (570)288-1975
    Publisher/Editor Alex Mulcahy

  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks for your post and ideas. I have heard of Muzine but did not know they were tied into CD World so thanks for that tip ;-)!

    About the newspapers in Jersey...I am not sure how many or which ones but the writer works for Gannett which is a huge newspaper company. I chose him because his work often gets printed in Gannett newspapers around the country so this interview or even just the news of HTP could appear in any Gannett newspaper. One paper to check for sure is the Asbury Park Press's Sunday edition. I hope this helps and if I can post a link to any of the articles I will.

    Warm Regards,

  • Thanks, Lisa for your reply.

    I don't know where you're based, but if near, or in New Jersey, there are 10 "CD World" locations:

    Bridgewater..............Menlo Park
    Cherry Hill..............Paramus
    East Hanover.............Totowa

    Or if you want I could mail the latest copy to you.......

  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks so much for this information. I did email the contact there and have not heard back but I will let you know if something comes through.I'd love a copy but please do not go to the expense to "rush" mail it

    My address is:
    Lisa Walker
    To The Max
    Suite A212
    12 Californis Ave.
    Albany, NY 12205


  • Lisa,
    I hope the CD World people get back to you quickly......GH on the cover of "Muzine" would be nice!!!!

    And I hope that you don't mind that we fans act like publicity agents.......along with buying everything with the man's name on it, that's one of the pre-requesites to be a Glenn Hughes Crazy Person.

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