SITKOR Press debut

  • Photography: John Harrell

    Pony Canyon in Japan have just issued the first press images from Songs In The Key Of Rock along with a detailed listing of album credits. It's scheduled for release in Japan on May 21st.

    1.In My Blood
    2.Lost In The Zone
    4.Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)
    5.Get You Stoned
    6.Written All Over Your Face
    7.Standing On The Rock
    9.Change (Bonus) *
    10.The Truth
    11.Wherever You Go

    * Bonus Track in Japan

    Recorded and mixed by Jeff Kollman at Crumb Sttudios, Granada Hills, CA
    Drum tracks engineered by Evan Beigel at Seasound Studios, North Hollywood, CA
    Pro Tools editing: Jeff Kollman

    All lyrics written by Glenn Hughes

    1, 3, 9 and 11: Music by Glenn Hughes/JJ Marsh
    2: Music by Glenn Hughes/JJ Marsh/Jeff Kollman
    4: Music by Glenn Hughes/Jeff Kollman
    5 and 7: Music by Jeff Kollman
    6: Music by JJ Marsh
    8 and 10: Music by Glenn Hughes

    Produced By Jeff Kollman & Glenn Hughes

    Glenn Hughes: All vocals & background vocals, all bass, except ON "Change"
    JJ Marsh: Guitar
    Jeff Kollman: Guitar
    Gary Ferguson: Drums except ON "Get You Stoned"
    Ed Roth: Keys
    Alex Ligertwood: Backing vocals
    Billy Sheehan: Bass ON "Change"
    Chad Smith: Drums ON "Get You Stoned"

    (Chad Smith appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records)

  • I love the artwork - strong primary colours - Far Eastern culture. - Dove of Peace - Glenn definite about his direction. Packaging is so important in this era of Napster style freeloading.

    This could be Glenn's best album yet.

    There are some great muscians here, Chad, Billy, Alex, Jeff, JJ (not sure I've heard Gary F).

    I must admit that when I heard the name, I thought this sounded more like a kind of retro concept album, but it obviously has its own identity with the 70s more of an underlying theme.

    Anyway not long to wait and then we'll know!

  • Keith, gary ferguson has played on laodsa stuff with Glennover the years. I think they met on Gary Moore's Run For Cover album. Ferg has played on several G albums too !!!

  • Thanks Chris yes I thought about it later and I hadn't connected with the name and the guy. This is what happens when you reach 40!Sorry Gaz BTW there is a thematic similarity in the artwork with R.O.C.K which I am looking at now - same poise/primary colours etc.

  • Hi,
    I wonder what kind of keyboard player Ed Roth is - haven't heard of him. The reason why I'm asking is, because I really liked the keys (especially the Hammond) on BTM and HTP, while I thought the sounds on R.O.C.K. (again the Hammond) were too synthetic. Two different players, of course. Any info guys?

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"



  • You can hear Ed Roth on the recent Rockline radio appearance that Glenn was featured on last December (currently in the Jukebox - 'Unplugged' tracks). He was also part of Marc Bonilla's band that Glenn played a few shows with (along with Keith Emerson), 5 years ago out here in both Southern and Northern California. Check them out in the Live Pictures & Tour Dates page.

    He's also part of the current Impelliteri line-up, as well as many sessions with various artists and he just played a gig with Graham Bonnet in the LA area too!

  • Thanks, David, I'll check out the jukebox (which I honestly don't do enough...). Guess I'm not the only one around here who wished that the Bonilla Live Album would be released someday... It's all about contracts again, isn't it, just like with Shape 68 or -OFF TOPIC- Phil Lynott's Grand Slam.

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"



  • That's interesting you thought the organ sounds on ROCK were too synthetic. I also thought it was a fake Hammond and was a little embarrassed after asking Hans Zermuehlen what type of Hammond imitator he was using, only to find out it's a real Hammond. Oh...


  • John, thanks for the info - now I'm surprised I could have sworn it wasn't a real Organ. Oops.
    OFF TOPIC: As for Phil Lynott's Grand Slam - what I meant was, that they were working real hard to get a contract in 1984/1985 which never worked out and must have added to Phil Lynott's drug & alcohol abuse. Most of us know, what that leaded to Of course it's not the same situation with Shape 68, the comparison just came to my mind, but it's not that adequate.
    Besides I'm really happy with the Zoom Club stuff, thanks for mentioning it, toadsterama - spread the word !
    All the best,

    "Just groove to the Funk Music"



  • quote:
    Originally posted by chris spencer:
    Keith, gary ferguson has played on laodsa stuff with Glennover the years. I think they met on Gary Moore's Run For Cover album. Ferg has played on several G albums too !!!

    He also appears as one of three drummers on Hughes/Thrall. So it's most likely they had become acquainted to each other even before the Run For Cover album, since that album was released some three years after H/T

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